Art @ Vanguard

Vanguard Realtors®
1142 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Art @ Vanguard


Since moving to our new location in February 2010, Vanguard Realtors has provided a space for local, professional artists to display their work.


Past artists have included Sara Friedlander, Ursula O'Farrell, Hilde Bernstein, Marlene Park, Jane Gregorius, David Fleming, Marvin Plummer, Barbara Bailey-Porter, Jeremiah Kille, Elise Mahoney, C.C. "Tazio" Childress, Shmuel Thaler, Mary Offermann, Lisa Barker, Jane Harlow, Barbara Boissevain, Eduardo Carrillo, Charles Prentiss, Stacey Pollard, Bob Rogers, Lidia Hasenauer, Robynn Smith, Margaret Niven, Susanna Waddell, Suchitra Fields, Joe Ravetz, Bryson Bost, Barbara Lawrence, Micha KauertJason A. CowanFelicia GilmanGary IrvingD. Hooker, John C. FloresTom JacobsIsabell K. Fearnsby, Barbara Schatan, Robynn SmithAndrew PurchinJim MacKenzieAnne GreenAdon ValenzianoKathryn Metz, Melissa WestJean Beebe, Carrie ClaydenMary Alice Lee Copp, Mark Overgaard, and Ann Baldwin May.


Currently on display are works by Ed Penniman.


Please check back frequently for our exhibition schedule. Artists who are interested in an exhibition may contact our curator, D. Hooker at